Livewire Portrait

Uncle Gola. Taken with Canon 1100D

Uncle Gola. Taken with Canon 1100D

This is my neighbor Mr Gola. He’s a true livewire and one of those people who can suddenly add life to a boring party or conversation. He can talk serious but can make every conversation sound interesting. He’s the sort of person everyone would love to hang out with. We were talking on a nice sunday morning, I liked his cap, asked him for a photo and as expected he obliged. One of the most satisfying things about photography as a hobby is how the learning curve never seems to end. Thankfully like all art there’s no end to how good you can become and that keeps the fire within alive. Strangely sometimes this same fact encourages to push myself to create better photos and sometimes it becomes so overwhelming making me think I’ll never be able to learn all this. Such feelings keep reminding me our lives are so identical to roller coaster rides. Similar ups and downs, fast changes, thrills, fear, joy, feels like forever while it lasts and when it’s finally over feels like too short a trip.

I’m heading out on a trip with my friends this weekend. That means I will keep the third post in the series Working Women of India on hold. But I wanted to keep up with the weekly posts schedule and share this portrait. I’m sure every neighborhood around the world have one or two characters like him who just seem to have a different view of life. They can and make others laugh. If you have someone similar in your locality do feel free to share a little bit about them in comments section below. Even a photo!

Be back next week.


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