Working Women of India 1.2

Last week I started this series as a tribute to Indian women and have started featuring one extra-ordinary woman around me. The goal is to feature at least five such women. Despite being emotionally torn apart recently something inside me has kept pushing me to take more photos and keep working on this project. Whatever it is I’m thankful, for it is keeping me sane.

Shot with Canon 1100D

Shot with Canon 1100D

This week’s extra ordinary woman is Ms Kirti. I approached her for a photo and told her why I wanted to take the photograph and this series. And she gladly shared how she uses her skills to earn extra income for the family. Her stitching talent is helping run home and giving her husband that much needed financial help. She also very proudly shared examples of how she helped her husband financially recently in building a new house for them. It’s tough but it’s worth it she says.

Shot with Canon 1100D

Shot with Canon 1100D

Her husband has his own printing business. She also shared how her husband has been very supportive and has never denied her anything. It’s a partnership that is working with mutual understanding and support. They have two kids. A daughter and a son. Like all parents in India she too is worried about her daughter’s marriage. Unfortunately marrying a girl in India is a daunting task. There’re still examples in our culture where no dowry is involved but unfortunately that’s not the case in most parts of the country. I hope the glow in her eyes as she shared all these things are visible in the photo. I hope her family and herself are able to achieve what all they’re planning to.

See you next week with another extra ordinary woman.


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