Working Women of India 1.1

In this new project every week I will be sharing portraits of some extra ordinary women around us and share a little bit about them too. I’m calling it the working woman of India project for simplicity. I couldn’t think of a better title that’d be easy to understand. Now that’s not to say that stay at home women don’t work but this series’s a tribute to those women who not only work at their 24hr job as a home maker but also work on another job to support their families. I’m not limiting it to any particular field or background. She just has to be a woman/girl who’s fighting all odds in the male dominated society doing an exceptional job of fighting tough times. True, condition of Indian women isn’t as bad as in some other countries but it’s not something to be proud of either. This is also a tribute to Indian woman who has been suffering a lot for centuries which only recently seems to be acknowledged. The hardships they go through each day and the sacrifices a woman makes hardly gets acknowledged. Look at the women in our own lives and we seem to take them for granted. Be it our mother, sister or wife. One of the most powerful words I read recently and which also sums up how bad we have been treating our women, were by a protester who said “Our culture keeps saying we worship our women like goddesses. Heck we don’t want to be treated like a goddess, learn to treat us as human at least.” I’m not going to start listing out the things which need to be done to make better conditions for women in our country. There’re way too many. I’m calling these women extraordinary for the simple fact that they are fighting and doing well despite tough times and we just need to respect that.

These woman not only have a 24hr job of a home maker but also work on jobs to support their families. All to ensure their kids get a little better education for a hope of a better future.

20130120-WORKING WOMAN OF INDIA--153842-2w

Above is the first extra ordinary woman in this series. She works as a househelp in my neighborhood. She lives with her husband, a daugher, two sons and their wives. She works even at this age because she wants to earn some extra money and help her family survive and pay bills. Now her biggest concern is how she’s going to earn enough to educate her daughter and her marriage. That’s why she works so she can get that extra money for saving up for the daughter’s wedding. I didn’t have to ask why she works at this age. She started sharing as I asked who all are there in her family. I’m glad to know a little bit more about her and wish her well.

See ya next week with another extra ordinary woman. Take care.



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