Making of a Photo and Dealing with Tough Times

This may not sound like a photography related post but if you read on I’ve tried to discuss a thought process that I try to follow when I’m taking photos. If you have a different approach or have something to add that might be useful to others and yours truly feel free to do so in the comments section below. As you read on it’ll make you feel these thoughts apply as much to the art of photography as to real life situations. Don’t worry about figuring out whether I’m referring to photomaking or real life scenarios. They apply equally. Photography is too big an art for me to give any advice but I just needed to get it out. Vent out my feelings in the name of photo making.

I try to plan my shots as much as I can. I tend to make mental notes of the photos I want to take, the way I will be approaching the person if it’s a stranger portrait, the number of shots I’ll try to get, the poses etc. Including preparing myself for rejection. I’m not new to rejection. It’s been the story of my life but that’s for some other day. Time has taught me to deal with rejections. Sometimes the perks of approaching strangers are great when you come home with some great portraits and other times it tend to make you feel you should kill your instincts.

Shot with Canon 1100D

Shot with Canon 1100D

When I want to take a stranger’s photo I don’t just go by what’s attracting me to ask for a photo but I also try to read the vibes I get from people. Some people look friendly and approachable while some just don’t. I by no means have a huge collection of stranger portraits but I’d rather approach someone who seems like a nice person. That’s also the way I’ve tried to make friends and when I find them I don’t let them go away. Well, most of them…These human interactions make you realise there’s more to photography than just taking photos. Some people can make you feel world is not a bad place after all. There’re still nice people around so what if nobody can trust anyone now. While at the same time approaching the wrong person can make you feel like a trash. That’s why you need to be prepared for rejections to avoid starting to feel like that. How do you know if you’re approaching the right person? You got to learn to read the vibes. I saw somewhere on TV once that had this experiment about how every human’s mind has some kind of 6th sense that connects us from each other. And with practice you’ll know.

Shot with Canon 1100D

Shot with Canon 1100D

But some times things just don’t turn out the way you planned or want them to be. No matter how hard you try. There are no right decisions at those times. You’re caught between one of those intersections where you don’t know which way is the right one but you have to decide and move on. Easier as it may sound I wish real life decisions were also that easy. The moving on part is particularly tough. No matter what path you decide to take, baggage from past are bound to push you down. But with experience I can tell you these baggages tend to have a hole in them. This hole lets out the memories of past from the bag slowly but surely. As you carry them and keep pushing yourself to keep going the weight of the baggage keeps coming down and eventually you don’t have to carry them. You just need to be patient and give it just enough time. But telling this to someone who’s actually going through a turmoil is easier than experiencing it. This wisdom comes to light only after you’ve made it past those bad times. That’s called gaining experience. Some days walking a few meters away from your home can get you stunning photos while other days you’ll just not get it no matter how hard you try. Learn to take a deep breath and move on.

Shot with Canon 1100D

Shot with Canon 1100D

Tough times have also taught me problems aren’t big or small. It’s our ability to handle them. If you listen to problems in other’s life you’ll realise some of the problems others are dealing with are way too big for you.

Tough times also don’t allow you to indulge in activities you love the most. Or should I say you tend to lose appetite for them. But I guess one of the ways to get out of such slump is to force feed yourself with doing things you enjoy doing no matter what your heart says. Listen to your mind. It knows the right thing to do.

There’re several projects I have going through in my mind but I’m yet to start one with dedication. I know I need to force feed myself or negative thoughts can pull me away from what I’ve loved most after a very long time. I don’t want to lose this.



  1. Insightful post. We often get carried away by our problems failing to take notice and make use of the opportunities awaiting us.
    Lovely, classic shots. Best wishes.

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