Year That Was

I’m slowly moving towards completing another project similar to my Chaiwallahs of Delhi. If you missed it read here. While that’s underway I thought this might be the right time to recap some of the images that stood out for me and the idea behind them. I’m choosing them purely on the basis of my instinct while going through the last year’s folders. I may have missed better ones.
I took this photo in January last year looking down from my first floor balcony. The man with all those colorful vegetables on the cart called for a photo. I keep both of my cameras within reach for moments like these. May be the wires in the photo are a bit of a distraction but then they’re in a way adding to the typical Delhi street look. Walk into any street of Old Delhi and you will pity the local electricity department. God bless them when there’s a complaint and good luck with finding the right wire.

VPU_Vegetable Vendor (1 x)Shot with Canon 1100D

These gorgeous tiny feet belong to my most favorite kid in the world. My nephew Lakshya. My other nephew Mukul comes close. He’s all grown up now but he was just as cute as this little angel. But then aren’t all kids? I took this shot when Lakshya visited us for the first time. I couldn’t believe how tiny his feet were. To give that perspective I kept both of his feet on my palm and took some shots. This one stood out for me as it showed how tiny and soft little kid’s feet really are. This was taken in March.

Shot with Canon 1100D
Shot with Canon 1100D

This photo was taken on my most memorable and very nearly my last trip. Read the post from that trip here. Now as much I want to forget what happened on this trip I still get nightmares about drowning. I thought I’ll be back rafting within a couple of years but I don’t see that happening anytime soon now. I took this shot early morning when most of the tourists were still in their camps. The weather and the scene around the river bank much more beautiful than the photo has captured. I chose this photo because it tries to capture the tranquility of the place alongwith its beauty. When you’re in the middle of a scene like this you don’t give a damn about anything else in the world. Your soul feels fresh. Probably that’s one of the reason why nature keeps pulling city machines like us.

Shot with Canon 1100D

As long as Lakshya my nephew was staying with us I had ample opportunity to take photos. It was impossible not to pick up the camera and capture gorgeous eyes like these into frames. The woman in the photo is my aunt. I chose this one because the kid looks beautiful and the woman looking at the kid with affection in the frame adds to the story.

Shot with Canon 1100D
Shot with Canon 1100D

I took this shot on my photowalk in Lansedowne. This was one of the most productive photographic activity I have done. I came back with several keepers. We walked about 2 kms and when I came across this opportunity it suddenly clicked. Within a fraction of second the image came to mind as if I had seen this before. You know one of those deja vu moments when you feel you’ve seen a particular scene before and then try to remember what happened next. It was just lying there as if the clock had stopped for it.

Shot with Canon 1100D

Shot with Canon 1100D

This last image from 2012 was taken on a routine weekend outing with my friends.  Our usual stop for a tea. This shot actually made me think I could start a little project. The photo is one of my favorite for one reason. The story. It tells the story without much complications of a roadside vendor selling tea. The light falling from just above his head was just enough to allow me at least take a shot at it and it worked. This shot was also one of the perks of carrying your camera everywhere you go.

Shot with Sony DSC-H20

Shot with Sony DSC-H20

Hope you enjoyed my photos last year and look foward to seeing more.  I hope the new year will be an awesome year for you all. Take care.


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