Birthdays and the Journey so far

Another birthday has come and gone. It’s amazing how most of us when reach a certain age milestone show same kind of emotions. When we’re just kids it’s probably the most happening day of the year. We feel and are made to feel special. Teenage is seen as exciting time. Parents won’t agree though. I’m sure it’s nightmare for them. We still like to celebrate birthdays with friends and family. Then you’re suddenly in late twenties and start wondering what have you done with your life, where it’s leading us and keep wondering why clock seems to be running faster than it used to. Nothing to celebrate about birthdays anymore. Time for some serious contemplations. And that’s mainly how I spent my birthday.

Talking about my photographic journey…If I look back to where I was 2 years back I’d say there’s improvement but I’m not happy. I hate most of my images now. Some of the shots that I thought were good just don’t make the cut. That’s probably just an indication that I’m growing as a photographer but what’s frustrating is that I’m not creating better photos as consistently as I should. The photomarathon images didn’t make the cut and two of what I thought were my best shots don’t get selected for the 1 exposure (1x) gallery gave me some much needed reality checks.

I have a few ideas in my head but I’ve not been executing them simply because I have allowed people around me influence my decisions. I’ll admit that. And that’s the problem right there.

Just wanted to say thank you for hanging in there with me on this journey. Be back with some photos soon.


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