Wagha Border and the Golden Temple – Amritsar

I took a road trip with my friends to Amritsar last weekend. We travelled some 500kms up north to Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple. But not sure why even after travelling such a long distance I didn’t feel like I’ve travelled far from home. May be because we didn’t stop on our way enough and didn’t try a few eateries on the way.  Or may be it was the awesome highway.  The streets, roads and crowd was pretty similar to what I’m used to seeing in Delhi.

We reached the India Pakistan border at Wagha Saturday evening in just about 10 hours.  Every evening there’s a ceremonial parade that is witnessed by hundreds of people from both sides of the border. I wish I had VIP seats to get better photos  but I did find these shots that were keepers for me.

I tried couple of portraits. This one of an old man possibily from a village in Rajasthan guessing by his traditional turban.

It’s heart warming to see people coming from different part of the country coming every evening to witness this parade. There is a different energy flowing at this place.  I had a tough job of finding and taking photos while also being part of the ceremony.  It was so crowded that at one point I just sat down and got involved in the crowd.  I took these shots after the ceremony was over and there was some breathing space.

These gentlemen were happy to pose for me when I asked and were very happy to see themselves on the camera screen when I showed them their photos.

Next morning we were headed to the sacred sikh temple the Golden temple.  It is a majestic place.  In my previous post I shared the shot I had in mind for a long time.

Peaceful even with so many people around.  Not sure why but I asked for permission to take photos of one of the sikh warriors and he simply refused.  A little setback as I wasn’t expecting that.  I thought I was being polite by asking for permission.  But anyway I moved on and did find other photo opportunities.  He wasn’t in a great photo spot anyway.  But somehow I felt if I get him to pose for me for a couple of shots I could get a nice one.  May be next time 🙂

We were getting late for our check out time at our hotel so we left early.  On the way is the Jalianwalan Bagh memorial.  It’s a historic place witness to the brutal incident that took place during our freedom fight.  There are still bullet marks on the walls when unarmed men, women and children were shot dead at this place.  The place is still visited by a lot of people, mainly tourists who come to pay homage to those who lost their lives at this place.

After check out we hit the road again and in no time we were back in Delhi.  The work at the highway is still on and it made us wonder how awesome driving experience is going to be once this highway is finally complete.  The only thing that bothered us was the toll taxes every few kms.  That sucks.  Specially if you already pay taxes.  But if in the end if you get to use such an awesome highway I guess you can’t complain much.

Visit my facebook page and stay updated on the new photos that I keep posting from the trips.  Be back next week.  Be good!


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