A Bit of Here and There

Today’s post is going to be a mix and match of everything. Read on and you’ll know.
There’re times when you just don’t know what’s going on. You wish someone heard you. But there isn’t. You’re alone. On your own and just hope to be flowing into the right direction. You try to change things but nothing seems to work. This feeling is pretty much similar to my recent rafting experience when I thought I was going to die that day. I felt helpless. All I could do is remember to follow the instruction given to me by our guide. Keep your feet up and towards the flow of the river if you fall out of raft. And I hoped someone would get me out. Fortunately there was another raft and I got out safe after surviving two rapids alone. Lately life seems to be taking similar turns and taking photos have taken a back seat.

I feel like cursing a lot. Aloud.

There’re days when I just have to be content with a shot of a flower like the one below. While as a beginner it was a keeper, now it’s just another shot of a flower. Even though these types of shots don’t excite me anymore I still force myself to create one to calm my thirst a little.

Remember how you grew up looking at elders and hoping to be like them one day. When you won’t Have to get up early and Have to go to school. You didn’t have beard and watched your dad shave as routine and wished you had a beard too so you could shave like him. But then when you have your own stubble one day and you don’t like it anymore. I hate having to shave every other day for office. It’s like the same old routine as being kids going to school. Having to do something. It’s not a choice but the society, the culture, rules and parents make you do things you probably won’t do if you had a choice. But then if not for society I’d probably still be walking naked on the streets. So, learnt nothing is perfect. Every system has it’s positives and the negatives. You just need to learn to live with them. I haven’t yet.

My nephew has been my primary source of inspiration these days. I try to take his photos with every opportunity I get. Just like any other kid he has this amazing curiosity about everything. I really enjoy capturing this curiosity and hopefully am able to convey the same curiosity as he’s showing.

Things have been so tight with the busy schedule at the office that I sometimes have to force myself to pick up the camera and hunt for something. There’re days when you just don’t have the appetite to do anything. All you want to do is lie down on your bed and sleep like forever. But if you give in to such temptations you might be losing out on a great opportunity outdoors.
As I say this, I feel like a big hypocrite who’s guilty of doing this same thing over weekends.
Hope to be bringing more photos to share with you all very soon. Until then you can visit my Facebook page on the right or browse through my photo gallery by clicking the button on top of this post. Stay tuned!


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