Being a kid is probably the best time of a person’s life. You don’t even think about anything outside the perimeter you live in. You get absolutely everything you ask for. Your wants are also simple. Some times all you wanted was another ice-cream. And that meant a lot. You’re not worried about thousand other thing while doing something. You’re probably more focused one thing at a time. Nothing to think from past and no care about the future.
Enough of the rant. Here’s another shot of my little nephew. I try to take more photos of him but he hardly stays still. He does NOT like to lie on the bed or the floor. You give him a hint you want to pick him up and he’ll arch his back up and pushes himself towards you. I will keep sharing more pictures of him as and when I get a chance.



  1. I can sense how tough it must have been to shoot a picture of your nephew. Its come out very nicely though! Lovely expressions, you’re good at capturing those on kids’ faces. The eyes depict ‘curiosity’ very well :).

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