New Born Photo Session: Meeting Zara

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a very old friend and my mentor Shruti and her beautiful new born baby Zara. When I say very old I just mean we’ve known each other for a long time and when I say beautiful I really mean beautiful.

This was my first personal assignment. Shruti had asked me to do this but somehow weekend plans didn’t work out. This weekend me and my friend were determined to visit her. I had been thinking about this session all week. Thinking about what shots and angles I’ll try and what settings will be needed. Will I use any props etc. The time however I got was short for a photo shoot. And I think I got nervous and couldn’t speak up for more. So this turned out a lot quicker than I had hoped.

I don’t have an experience of thousand photo shoots with new borns but from whatever little I’ve learnt so far I’ve learnt taking new born shots are both easy and really tough. Easy because little kids seem to be trying hundreds of expressions and gestures that you just need to point and shoot. You just have to be patient enough to let them do whatever they’re doing. Sometimes you’ll feel they’re bored, smiling, asking for a hug, looking at you as if wanting to say something, smirking and so on.

And it’s tough because you can’t guide kids to do what you want or the kind of shots you want. You have to be extremely careful around them and create the opportunities without taking them out of their comfort zones. As much I wanted to hold this angel I just couldn’t do it. I seem to have some kind of phobia that scares me at the thought of holding a newborn.

But I did manage to get some nice shots. There was ample natural light coming from the large window in her living room. Perfect for the shots. When I sent back the results to Shruti she really liked them and has been getting compliments. Feels good. Mission accomplished.
Here’re some more from the day. Thank you Shruti for inviting us!



  1. Thanks so much for the pics! I do wish we had more time. We can plan another visit for more pics. They have come out beautiful.
    (and thanks for clearing up the”old” part!!!)

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