Some More From the Lansdowne Trip

Revisiting photos from my recent trip to Lansdowne I noticed some more shots that I thought are worth sharing with you all.

Like this one of St John’s church which was really a picture perfect church like the ones we are used to seeing in our films.

You could sit peacefully at this church and spend hours if you’re a God fearing chap. But that’s not why you travel 300+ kms.

Or this Hindu temple located on top of a hill surrounded by tall trees.

On a side note, I hear a lot of people say about some places that there’s nothing to do. Well, isn’t that the whole point of going on a vacation? You don’t go somewhere to ‘do’ something. You’ve been doing a lot in your regular job. Vacation’s the time to do nothing and just explore the place.

Even if the place is Lansdowne where there’re very few ‘tourist’ spots to visit, the natural beauty is enough to make you wanna go on a hike and explore the nature around.

This was probably my first trip where I didn’t just travel to a place, did some ‘activity’ and returned. Here I had ample time to just walk around. I just wish I had a convenient vehicle to roam around wherever and whenever.

I’m going through a bit of slump and haven’t taken any photo worth sharing since return. I hope to get past this time soon so I can concentrate on doing what I enjoy doing, create photos.


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