Morning (Photo) Walk in Lansdowne

I travelled to Lansdowne last weekend hoping to capture the famous Himalayan range that is supposed to be visible from most of the points and portraitures of the locals. But unfortunately I was travelling at the wrong time of the year. The entire area was covered by dust creating a fog like cover all over the valley obstructing the view. And I didn’t find the usual locals we expect in hilly areas. There were very few people seen around, nothing interesting that struck, crowd seemed the usual city crowd. Real disappointment. May be I needed to dig in deeper. But we found other interesting things to do and on the way did manage to get some nice shots.

One of them was taking a long morning walk up through the jungle early morning to catch sunrise.

This turned into our little photo walk and got me and another friend, who has just got hooked to photography as well, few good shots. But distance was more than we estimated and we got too late and by the time we reached peak the sun got too strong. Because the area is maintained by the army it’s clean and well maintained so there was no risk.

The walk was more like exploring the place and there were enough photo opportunities for nature lovers. The old architecture is spread all over with beautiful but mostly deserted bungalows and churches. St Mary’s Church below.

Or flowers that were spread all over the area. Whether in the jungle or on this mud wall.

I found this gem of a photo while returning from the Tip in Top. We took a nice short cut that one of the locals guided us with that cut short our walk and so was safe because vehicles can’t go there.

I noticed this damaged scooter on the side of the road.  As soon as I looked at it,  it just struck immediately and I could imagine exactly how I wanted this photo to look like and the end product turned out exactly what I wanted.  One of my favorites from the trip.

The walk wasn’t merely restricted to our photo hunt but we were also enjoying the fresh morning air and the nature all around us.  And whenever we saw an opportunity, we took the shot.  We were amazed how many different species of birds we must have noticed on this little walk.

I did find plenty of opportunities in the old style buildings around me. One of them was this window of an old structure converted into a restaurant.

I was disappointed not finding and able to meet the people I wanted to photograph on this trip.  And so I didn’t feel like approaching anyone for a portrait.

May be I got myself too restricted there.  But honestly at some point I stopped looking for interesting faces and didn’t find anyone worth approaching.  Mainly because there were very few people around us.

I plan to be back here later this year to capture the Himalayan range.  Or may be go further up to a new place for a better view.

Feel free to share your feedback on the photos or any thoughts you have.  Also feel free to share this blog using any of the mediums below.

Take care!



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