Beautiful Forever

VUP_Flower (W)

It’s been a while since I found anything to shoot.  Or rather I should be honest in saying I made no efforts to find anything to shoot. 

At this time of our lives (late 20s) things seem to be moving a lot faster than you want them to.  You want to enjoy a certain phase and then you got your hands full with something else.  Before you know it and still trying to figure out that phase, it’s gone!  Now is the time when we realize how important time really is.   Or may be that’s just me…

My mom bought this rose couple of weeks ago and gave me some opportunity for photos.  Birds have a special liking for these kinds of plants it seems.  They come, tear some leaves and tulips of the flower mostly for fun and leave.

Still in its earliest forms this Rose had great shapes and fresh look for a photo.  Click click bang bang and here’s the outcome.

Hope you’ll like them or if not don’t hesitate to be a good critique.  I’m all ears for that helps me improve.  Be back next week!



  1. Just came across your blog – and i think you wrote this post for me! I’m also in my late 20’s and life is in warp speed. Forcing myself to slow down and not miss moments is a daily chore.

    love the rose photo – makes me think about life. Everything around us is going so fast like a blur, sometimes we just need to stop and focus (;

    Great post – Thanks!


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