Memorable Trip

This was my 5th time at Rishikesh for a river rafting trip.  And I thought none of these visits could match the first time I visited this place.   I was in awe of nature when I sat foot on the sandy beaches of the might Ganges for the first time.

VPU_Rafting trip with Travel Bonkers (W)

But man was I wrong.  This trip has left me with life long memories.  Funny how I said ‘life-long’ memories when my own life seemed to be coming to an end on this trip.

VPU_Rafting trip with Travel Bonkers - Camps (W)

First day of the trip was of ups and downs for me.  Mainly because I was in the middle of a group that mainly consisted of couples and family members.  But the real adventure was waiting for me next day.  The day we hit the waters for rafting.

During the very first rapid the waves caught us by surprise and the raft flipped.  Before anyone could react we found ourselves in the water being thrown away by the waves gasping for breath.  Because we were not prepared for this sudden event we breathed in some water that made it even more difficult to breathe.   But slowly we managed to follow what our instructor told us and one by one after crossing another rapid without raft, thankfully, most of us was taken out of water.  I still had one rapid to cross without raft.  Unwillingly I was being swept away in the water.  One of the most terrifying moments came when I could see the waves in the rapid and knowing the fact that I’m going straight into it.

When I was inside that rapid I remember thinking how it’s impossible for anyone to help me in such situation and asking myself is this the end before going in the water again.  The fact that I can’t swim made it a little difficult.

But fortunately I was taken out by another raft with the help of some nice people who helped me calm down and gather myself.

This was just the beginning of an awesome rafting adventure.  First rapid we flipped, struggled to survive and survived the heavy rapids.  We were back on the raft and completed rest of 24 kms of the tour.

Funny how when we were all back on the raft, safe and sound, we were talking about our losses.  Some lost their shades.  Some lost their sandals.  May be we were aware we were on the edge of losing something even bigger but we just wanted to take our mind off what had just happened.

Even though I had come prepared for thousands of photos I only managed to take a few.  Partly because I was with a big group and didn’t want to be left out of the fun.  The camp had everything I needed for some nice photos and I did manage to get some really nice shots.  Both portraits and landscapes.

I’ll leave you with some of the best portrait shots I managed on this tour.  Enjoy and feel free to share this post on your facebook walls or other social network sites.

Catch you next week!

VPU_Rafting trip with Travel Bonkers - Harinder the raft instructor (W)

Ashu (W of 1)

Isha (W of 1)-2

Rafting trip with Travel Bonkers - Panky (W of 1)


VPU_Rafting trip with Travel Bonkers (W)-2

PS: I’ll leave you with one last shot of me that truly captures how good it felt to be alive again.

Bonkers RaftingDSC05927-20120408-141715


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