The Look

VPU_Babu (1 of 1)

My little nephew Babu, as we now affectionately call him, has been at our home for almost a month now but he has hardly known me.  No matter how much I tried he kept looking in all directions except me.  May be didn’t like my face.  But yesterday finally I was a recognizable face for him.  And he kept looking at me.   Something magical about kids that softens your heart when they look at you.  You know they’re looking at you and just the look makes you special.

So as usual I ran to grab my camera.  Fired away some shots and he kept staring at me while I took the photos.  Above with my elder brother.

Today I woke up to my mom and dad talking to the little champ.  I saw a photo opportunity there and fired away some more.   This one below stood out for me.  I thought it beautifully captures the human emotion and tells a story -  Grandparents talking to their grandchild.  And looking at Babu you could tell he’s making all efforts to talk back.

VPU_Babu_Mummy_Papa (1 of 1)-2

And then again after some efforts he looked into the camera for me while talking with his grandmom.

Hope you’re enjoying the photos I share.  Feel free to reblog this post or share on facebook with your friends.  Be back next time with more.


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