Kid trying a big slipper (1 of 1)

I remember as a kid I liked trying to get into a shoe that was almost as big as me.  As kids we don’t fear trying something new.  We see a potential in doing something we give it a shot.  And keep doing it until we get it.  Like cousin’s little boy above.   He can hardly stand properly yet but didn’t mind giving it a shot when saw this big slipper.  And finally did get his feet in properly. 

That’s another thing as we grow our brain starts growing too and so does our thinking ability.  And probably that thinking ability limits are risk taking nature. 

niece wearing them in hands (1 of 1)

On the other hand.  They say girls love shoes.  My cousin’s little girl probably took it seriously and wore them in her hands.  She loves them too much to get them dirty I guess 🙂

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Be back soon with more. Take care



  1. Well said, I think trying our luck with over-sized shoes is something each and every one of us has done in our childhood. Its like a natural, rather universal, fascination!

    It really is a metaphor, as you’ve put it, for taking a little risk in life. As we grow up (more in a literal sense than a philosophical one) does the knowledge of consequences restrict our ability to take risks? Or is it the sense of responsibility? Or is it simply an inflated ego, like “What will he/she say if I fail?”, or something like “Would I look a fool if I tried this out?”. I’ve always maintained (and have put into practice on myself) that the people who take calculated risks are the ones who succeed eventually. Those are the same persons we call ‘cool’. Maybe even in childhood our minds does not take a blind risk when we try out over-sized shoes, its actually a calculated risk. Its just that we do not realize this at such a young age!

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