Newborn Nephew Photos

VPU_Lakshya (W1)

My little nephew who’s just one month young came home this week.  And as soon as he was here I started taking pictures.  The best so far for me is the one above.  It shows how small this kid really is and so soft that I was scared to even touch him. 

Lakshya Page

He makes all kinds of faces.  All these expressions.  Looks like he is testing all the kinds of faces he can make.  Wondering, surprised, cry, yawn, smile, bored, etc.  Some times even looks like he’s smiling but I wonder if a kid this small even could?  They can cry for sure.  He may look tiny and weak but when kids decide it’s time to cry, they give it all.  Something we adults could learn from them.  Giving it full effort when we decide to do something. 

He’s going to be staying with us for a while and I hope to take more pictures.  The festival of colors Holi is coming up this week.  Happy Holi! Play safe.  Take care!



  1. This is what I call the heights of cuteness!!! I saw this post at Kate’s blog … and oh I’m so happy to have found first Indian blog who shares the same theme (elegant grunge) as mine!! Yoe!! Kudos to the photography!!

    Priyanka! 🙂

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