Two Generations at the Adventure Island

It’s really cold these days in Delhi right now and the only time I have (weekend) to shoot are spent indoors.  The weather makes one lazy.  I’ve hardly went out anywhere to take photos.  And it can be frustrating some times because I know while I’m trying to stay warm there might be a great opportunity out there that I’m missing out on.

This weekend I went out with my team on an outing at the Adventure Island, Delhi.  Took several photos and this one stood out for me. 

It’s a place where parents bring their kids who love the rides and the atmosphere here.  In this shot are my colleague and his little daughter who he keeps bringing to this place when she’s getting bored at home.   I felt this shot manages to capture the father-daughter relation and somehow a sense of two different generations.  The camera facing the sun was intentional to give it that dramatic feeling.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s photo.  Catch you soon!


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