My Best of 2011


2011 is gone with great memories.  And what a great start to new year already is.   My friends and I are moving into new year happier. 2012 will bring new and even better memories.  As we move close to 2012, a brand new year, I bring to you my best from 2011.  

1.  By far my best so far.  This shot screams ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.  This photo was also chosen as a featured photo on the photographers’ facebook,


2.  This shot demanded hard work.  Right from finding the right spot, finding the right flower to working on photoshop to get it perfect the way I wanted the end result to be.

3.  This was taken on my way to the office and it suddenly started raining.  Love this shot for its feel of the monsoon season and the great vivid colors.

4.  Kids are indeed the toughest to capture in camera.  Fortunately I didn’t have to struggle much with this lovely kid.  It was the simplest shot.  She just came in front of the camera and smiled and  I hit the shutter button and done!  Result was this gorgeous shot.  It hit most views on my flickr account.


5.   This is my favorite for the composition and colors.  My first time at a concert.  Nervous.  Frustrated with the lights.  But in the end got this one shot that stood out for me.


6.  This is another one of my favorite rain shot.  It captures motion as it happened.  Another hit among my friends this year.

7.  I feel a special connection with these beautiful birds.  These little birds have taught me many things about photography.  The fact that I was so close to this generally energetic bird proves it.  If I’m any good the credit also goes to them.  


8.  This is my favorite for the feeling it’s trying to convey.  The feeling of being trapped.  Trapped in wrong jobs and hope to find a better life someday.


9.   Kids never have enough of playing time.  My nephew is one spoilt and born actor.  You may not believe but this is a posed shot.  I like the expressions of the kid watching time and frowning.  And the smiling face on the ball.


10.  Risen from the ashes I call this shot.  I had almost deleted it when I decided to give it another try and post processing the image turned out amazing.  I like the lights highlighting the artist, sharpness and colors in this one.


If I asked you to arrange these photos in order of your preference, how’d you do that?  In the comments section below if you like photo#3 as your number one and then #2 and then so on….enter 3, 2, and so on…get it? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Feel free to share with your friends and join me on facebook.  See you around next year.  Have a blessed New Year everyone!


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