How to Shoot A Bird

VPU_Male Sparrow (W)-2

Hang on! All PETA and other animal rights activists. Please calm your senses down.  I mean how to shoot with a camera.

In today’s post I’m going to share with you what I learnt from my experience of shooting these beautiful birds.  And if you have any pointers too please feel free to add in comments.

I shot this bird after a long time again.  In the shot above I was less than 3 feet away from this bird and I was amazed how close I could get.   I shot away several photos and this one stood out for me.  If you also want to take pictures such as these here’re a few points that I have learnt with practice that you might find useful too.

Plan.  If you live in an urban environment it is difficult to sight such birds.  So first thing you need is to prepare an invitation for them.   Do this by  installing plants in the open area of your house.  Real plants.  Even the birds don’t like fakes.  Add to that a small water pot for the birds in the summer and some seeds for them to eat. 

Wait. They won’t start showing up at your ‘guest house’ immediately.  They’ll notice the spot when going past your home, assess how safe it is to come over and in a couple of weeks if they feel safe they’ll start visiting you.  Don’t get excited yet. 

Start Slow.  Don’t start shooting as soon as they arrive.  Start slow with trying to approach them as close as possible.  Not too close either.  With practice you’ll know what’s the right distance.  Do Not look directly at them it’ll scare them.  Try approaching them slow and ignorant.  The idea is to make them comfortable with your presence.  That you’re not a threat. 

Be Prepared.  Even when you’ve managed to get close to these  birds, they won’t pose for you waiting for you to make the necessary adjustments on your camera.  Be in ready to shoot mode when the opportunity arrives.  If you don’t know Manual mode let the camera decide and shoot in Auto.

Start Shooting. Now when you have managed to get in good range of the bird, start taking pictures.  Turn off all beeps and teep sounds of your camera to keep it silent.  Do not rush.  Do everything in super slow motion.  It may look odd but it’ll only help the bird stay there longer for your shot.

Give it time.  It’ll happen one day. You Will get that shot one day if you’re patient. 

Share your photos below and any other tip you’d like to add above.  Keep shooting!


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