What Would You Remember?…

I cannot remember a TV commercial making an impact on me more than the TATA Safari Ad that asks if you look back on your life, what would you remember…and every subsequent line feels like a punch trying to wake me up.

Every one I hear, including myself, keep saying I shouldn’t be spending the rest of my life doing what I’m doing right now.  Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years and rants are still the same.   May be a little late but if you keep looking within, you Will find what you’ve always wanted to do and should be doing.  When you find it your life will suddenly start to have a meaning.  You’ll start spending and enjoying your time doing it more than the job that earns you money.

Here on this post I’ve tried to dig into my small photo bank and tried to tell the stories via these photos how we do same kind of work but start enjoying it more when in different environment.


It is more fun to be facing challenges on a tough road trip than working long hours on urgent, critical, important, difficult, challenging and what not assignments in office. 


No matter how many cups of coffee or tea you had, the tea/coffee is always great when at home with newspaper in hand.  And the coffee mug looks better on newspaper than on our work desk 🙂


It is more relaxing to be thinking under the sun at home during winters than taking a break in offices.  And we keep finding reasons to go on breaks in office. 


We’ve all had our moments of success.  To stand out of the crowd.  We took pride in making good scores in local cricket matches and I remember I was a known face among rivals and that made me feel proud and I didn’t even own my own cricket bat….now we take pride in owning the most expensive apparel/gadget.  All just to stand out. 


We were inseparable when little with our friends.  And we had so  many of them.  Always hanging out.  Now we have few, meet rare but bonds are stronger.  Some we haven’t even met personally but still think highly of each other and wish each other well.

Hope you found this week’s post interesting and nostalgic at the same time 🙂

Feel free to leave your feedback and comments using options below and also share with your friends.  See you next time.


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