The Week I Wish Wasn’t


I’ll give you small hints of what I went through this past week.  Rest you’re all wise enough.

  • Attended my friend’s wedding.  All good so far.  I hear some say poor friend? : )
  • Saw a drunk man at the wedding who didn’t know if he was supposed to move his steps forward to walk or back.  Murmuring things no one understood with strange dance which probably was an attempt to walk . 
  • Had my birthday.   Probably the worst birthday I had. 
  • Started hating my job even more. 
  • Attended never ending meetings that felt like tortures.
  • Realized superiors suddenly start taking interest when one thing goes  wrong but not show same interest when did 99 things perfect.
  • Committed stupid mistakes.  Felt so stressed I thought I’d melt.
  • Didn’t take my camera even out of the bag once.

I guess all is a learning. Now that last one bothers me the most.  I don’t feel good until I have a good shot during the weekend and I’m yet to shoot one.  Pray for a better next week for me please..Be back soon with a photo!….hopefully…



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