Shooting with the Angels


VPU_GUNGUN (2 of 1)

I’m sure you must have heard this many times.  Kids are absolute god sent angels.   Every time I see kids like the one above  I believe it even more.   I wanted to take more photos of her but she’s camera-shy and stayed away unlike her friends from the camera.  I am planning to gift prints of her photos to her parents and hopefully they’ll like it. 

In the photo above she was just leaning against the car looking with cute curiosity  what I was doing with the camera.  I saw the opportunity, pointed the camera towards her and click!


The kids were curious and excited to see the camera and so I didn’t have to direct any one except Gungun (above) who was just shy. 


The kid in photo above and below didn’t need much invitation to smile for the camera.  They just appeared in front of the camera and smiled.  In fact they were very well behaved.  They came one by one and waited for their turn before the other’s shot was complete.  I wish people older than their ages were as tolerant and respectful of other’s presence in this city.   I took just one shot of each and both turned out quite nice.




They were excited to see their photos on the camera screen and kept asking for more.  So I asked them for a group photo.  Lovely kids.

Feel free to share your feedbacks and comments below or use any of the mediums below to share with your friends.  Encourage them to join my facebook photography page too!  Until next week!


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