Focus is Not Everything


When you start out in photography one of the first things you learn is to focus.  Focus at your subject.  Focus this and focus that.  Another thing that you’ll learn is to keep the camera still.  Well it’s good to follow rules.  But some times it’s better to break them.


Today we’re celebrating biggest festival in India.  The festival of lights, Diwali.  The celebration of victory of good over evil.  Unlike last Diwali today I tried creating more bokehs (pronounced bokaah) and creative blurs than take snapshots of the festivities.  Bokeh for those who don’t know are the lovely circles (like the lights above) that are created by out of focus objects by your lens.   The faster your lens the better your bokeh is going to look like.


Creative blurs are created by slower shutter speeds and shaking your camera deliberately.  You’ll get the shot like the one above.

To achieve shots like the one below all I did was ‘fool’ my camera.  That’s right, if you talk to your camera and know it personally you Can fool your camera.  Nothing personal of course and I’m sure the camera won’t mind after seeing the results.


So to create this shot I simply focused on something very close to camera’s lens and then moved my camera towards the light.  And before camera can adjust its focus on new area, click!  Another way that was successful for me was I zoomed in and out toward this lighting and before the camera could finish telling me what the heck do you want me to focus on man?? Click click!!  You have your bokeh shot. 

Oh I forgot, you don’t need an expensive gear to shoot these.  All of the shots in the post were taken by my Sony digital compact camera.

In the end I did manage to get one shot of the fireworks in the dark sky.


Hope you all have a wonderful Diwali and blessed festival season.  

I hope you enjoyed today’s photos and found the post interesting and helpful.  In the end as always feel free to share the post and photos with your friends.  You and your friends on facebook can also join my official fan page by clicking Like on the right. 

Until next time.  Take care!



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