U180 Music Concert



Another evening out on a concert.   I remembered the mistakes from my last concert.  I wasn’t sure I want to be taking photos because I wasn’t sure if they’ll come out better.  But I was here so I had to shoot some.  Some mistakes were still committed today which Akhil, a photographer friend, pointed out to me which are going to help me on the next events.  Thanks Akhil!


But beyond photography the concert was awesome.  The musical talent on display was really good.  Dhruv Vishwanath, above with his cool hat, played some really cool percussions.


There was this ‘almost’ 20 kid Bhaanu Mendiratta who played electric guitar like a professional. 

In between all this I was trying to take photos but I mainly concentrated on enjoying the music.

I can’t help but compare my performance with the last time.  Unlike my last time I was much more comfortable moving around, used better settings and most of all enjoyed the show much more.  All in all better if not great shots from my last attempt on a concert.

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