Right after we’re born there’s an expectation to be different, to be better than the previous generation, to stand out from the crowd.  I guess this feeling is already with us when we arrive in this world.   We all keep making efforts to be noticed, to be admired, to be better than the next person.  Rat race?  Whether to get noticed by a girl, get a job, win a competition, we just have to prove we’re different and better.  We’re not like billions of people out there.  For a good part we’re already right.  We Are unique.

Nothing wrong with that expectation.  We only live once and if there is another life than this who remembers?  So everyone wants us to do the best with our lives.   Fair enough.

Revisited this photo from April album.  This photo was initially inspired by a photo I saw on flickr but don’t remember the artist name.  That picture had blue flower versus this pink flower and was taken from a higher position.  Plus that was a color photograph.  Even after having processed this photo something seemed missing.  Somehow the flower didn’t stood out from the brown of the leaves.  So the Photoshop came to the rescue and I hope I have used the tool well to isolate the flower from the leaves.  I think this black and white-color isolation worked well in this shot.  The flower pops out really well and the photo looks much better now. 

Hope you enjoyed this week’s photo.  Let me know your thoughts.   Share your feedback and comments!  Feel free to share the post with your friends too.  Catch you next week with a brand new photo!



  1. I was wondering if you would let us use some of your photographs (after giving you credit and linking to your blog) for an event we host called Picture it & Write. My coauthor posts an image and a snipit of writing inspired by the image. Other people come in and comment with their own contributions or poetry. It’s fascinating to see how different the subject matter is when everything is from the same image.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    1. Sure Eliabeth, How would you like to receive the photos and would you mind if I watermark them with my signature? I’ll be more than happy if you use it for the event and if adds value to your event. I’m thankful that you liked it enough. If you could provide a link or more details about the event I’d love to know more about it. Thanks for reading and your comment!

  2. Here’s the link; we post a new one every Sunday:

    You could e-mail them to or I could copy-URL from the images posted on your blog. Feel free to protect your work as you see fit / feel you need to, I totally respect that.

    Thanks for letting us use them, I’m very excited to see what people come up with. Let me know how you would like to have me post them to our blog and I will happily do so.

    1. Sounds like an interesting concept. I like the idea. I’d love to see what thoughts, stories, poems, etc people come up with looking at my pictures. I’m okay with you using my pictures for your blog. I’d love to see my picture on a good blog. If it’s fine with you, would you be posting a link to my blog too when giving credit? The email options sounds good. Let me know the picture you want and I’ll be happy to email them to you. Please feel free to share them on your blog. Looking forward to seeing my first appearance 🙂

      1. oh yes, we’d post your name and a link to your blog. Ermi is about to go on vacation so she’s already scheduled some so that she doesn’t need to worry about it while she’s gone, but I’ll be sure to leave a comment with a link for you any time one of your images is used. Sine she’s the one who picks the images, I’ll have her look around and let you know. It’s a shared e-mail account, so that’l work well. 🙂

    1. hey Yassin, thanks for liking my photos. I actually did this by watching this technique on youtube. It’s called isolation. There were too many steps in photoshop that I wish I could remember. But you can find tons of videos on youtube how to do that. I remember I had to create two layers and then using brush I highlighted just the flower. It took about an hour to finish it with this detail. I found this video that should help. Hope that helps.

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