Let me start with a question.  What is your best childhood memory?  Tough to point any one right?  There’re so many.  We go into a different world just thinking about them. 

It is the most fun time of our life when we were always in Our zone only.  We’re not thinking 5 years ahead or in the past, planning about something we’re not even sure about or thinking about the risks involved etc etc.  If we wanted to do anything, we just did it.  We’re there at that very moment when we’re there.  Everything else seemed to be just happening around us and we didn’t care what. 


We just blended so well in any environment.  We could fit anywhere.  We could even make a card-box our home, be a policeman, doctor, engineer when we wanted,  sit anywhere we wanted, play anywhere anyway we liked without bothering about our looks or our clothes getting dirty and crash out anywhere we felt tired.  Beauty of being a child.

I hope today’s photos helped you rewind some of your memories and brought a smile thinking about them : )  I’d love to hear what childhood memories you thought of when reading today’s post.  Please do share in the comments below.

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Until next week.  Stay Raw!


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