Black & White = Memories


Last week I shared some gorgeous colors from the sky that I was lucky enough to witness.  This week it’s black and white.   Personally I’m not a B&W fan but I do agree in some situations a B&W photo can tell the story better and works better than the color as was in the case above.  I’m sure when 5 years down the line she looks at this photo it’ll bring back some memories. 

The photo above is of my cousin Shilpi.  She was kind enough to let me take some photos as I directed her preparing for the shots :)  She’s a bit camera shy and I was pretty happy with the photos that we managed that day.  Above is one of my favorites.  The shot was taken with my Canon.

Do join and feel free to share the Ved Upadhyay Photography page (use the link on the right hand side of this page) with your friends and/or subscribe to this blog to read the stories behind.  You can drop in a line or two below telling me what you did or did not like in the photo. 

Be back next week!


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