The Concert

I would like to forget about end of this week so lets rewind a little bit and go back by a week.  I took out my SLR to a concert last weekend.  My first time in that environment and first time the beast went out on an official assignment. 


The lighting was terrible for photos.  Sometimes it was too dark just when I was ready to pull the trigger and on other times just when I moved away from the camera because I couldn’t wait any longer someone would turn the lights back on.   I wish I knew if lights were synched with the mood of the song or light-man was just changing them at will.  That’d have helped.


The  bad start had started a lot before the concert.  We were supposed to reach venue by 6pm but due to some funny car trouble my good friend DC and I faced we were delayed.   Whatever happens when you get out of the car and leave the keys inside :)  Finally we did manage to reach the venue a good an hour and half late.  I quickly set up the beast and started shooting.


My friend Denny is a member of the band (drummer) so I could move around the stage without any fear.  Result was the shot above.  But I did mind all the wires on stage all over.  I didn’t want all of a sudden everyone looking at me like I was Mr Bean who had brought the stage down.


At the end of the concert I wasn’t too happy with my performance.  I didn’t think I had enough good pictures that I thought I would.  And honestly?  I was disappointed with myself.  I felt I wasn’t prepared for a tough place to shoot like a music concert.  But it was a good lesson learnt.   Out of 70 odd pictures I took I did manage some keepers.  I’m sharing all of them here.  Rest were simply terrible.  And I did expect that on my first shoot.  As I said I hadn’t prepared well for it so paid for it.  But I’m glad I did manage these good shots.


All in all a good learning experience.  I realized I made a lot of mistakes, I realized my limitations and I realized what I will not do on my next assignments.

Well it’s a learning process and I’m sure I’ll do well in the next event.  Share your thoughts by leaving a line or two in the comments section below and/or if you liked it share this post using one of the links below with your friends. Until next week, take care!


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