Rough and Tough


While in my room playing with my new camera I was comparing the capabilities of my current camera and the new one with similar settings.  The only difference I could manage to understand was the wider picture that the new camera shot (still a lot to learn I guess).  The resolution was clearly larger obviously. 

This shot above just happened while testing.  There were other clothes there too.  (You don’t want to be in my room, it’s a mess) It may look clear because of just one pair of trousers (very old one too and still going strong, rough and tough tag suits it)  hanging there but I know rest of the cloths were lying just under it that you don’t see in the picture :). That was behind the scene secret for you.

Keep those feedbacks and comments coming.  I will try to be regular with my posts from now on.  I am going to try and share at least one picture every weekend.   Stay tuned for more! 


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