Explore the Hidden Treasure

Today when I got a call from one of my friend Ankit to meet up at this little known place right in the heart of Delhi Ugrasen Ki Baoli situated on the Hailey Road in Connaught Place,  I wasn’t sure what I was up for. 

But finally when I reached there I could sense this was a great place for photo opportunities.  And I did get some great shots. Some of which I’m sharing here.  The place blew me away.  I could just admire the engineering of that time to build such a structure.  It was built as a reservoir  which still has some water in its well but it’s locked now for visitors.

There were photo opportunities everywhere and I simply loved the place. ‘

Now you’ll find lots of pigeons and bats residing here.  The deep steps I’m told were completely immersed in water at some time but water hardly reaches there now.

I’m just glad I visited the place and ended the photo drought I was going through in August.

Thank you Ankit and Arpita for calling me up and introducing me to Ugrasen ki Baoli.



  1. Man you are tooo good Ved…..one of the good photographer i know….love you buddy!! Keep it going, i believe there is more in you…..

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