Monsoon Aftereffect

Work has been really hectic lately leaving me exhausted and very little time to shoot.  The rains in Delhi have finally arrived and has been casting its spell ever since.  One of the aftereffects of the monsoon is the beautiful green cover it leaves.  All washed, clean and fresh greenery.  I took this shot just after I got into my cab for the office.  This was one of those days when I said thank God I was carrying my camera.  I missed some stunning cloud shots because I left my camera home last week and I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity this time.  That’s one more tip right there.  Carry your camera wherever you go.  Doesn’t matter if you take picture on your every trip but do carry it around so that when the opportunity is there you don’t regret or have an excuse of not carrying your camera.

This is a good example of how you can Tell your camera where to focus.  If you are in full auto-mode the camera will pick anything and everything it thinks you want to capture and you will not get this shallow depth of field like the one above.  Because it’s just capturing an image not reading your mind.  You’ve got to tell it What you want to shoot.  This shot was taken by my Sony digital camera.  To get shallow depth of field like the one above first you need to move to manual mode.  If you’re not familiar with the manual mode  the semi-auto mode should let you choose some functions while camera does the remaining job for you.   Most cameras have focus points in their menu and for a shot like this you should choose the one that says single point focus or focus on center with  a shape like this [  ] at the center of the screen.  The camera will only focus on this [  ] area when you choose this option leaving everything else blurred.

Now that you’re in the correct setting and ready to shoot, try to focus on the subject you want to capture.  Do not press the shutter button instantly.  Half press the shutter button until the little box [  ] on the screen turns green/orange.  That means camera has locked focus on that subject.  Once you have the correct subject in your focus press the shutter completely and you have just captured your shot. Congratulations!

Hope that helps.  Be back with more. Take care!


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