Dream Beyond Barriers



I haven’t been shooting much lately.  I’m still waiting for my DSLR to arrive and probably in that excitement I forgot how well my current camera has done the job for me and will continue to do so as long as its life.  And honestly I haven’t been inspired enough lately (too lazy actually)..

In this picture above I wanted to capture the everyday emotion most of us deal with.  We all feel trapped in the wrong jobs.  I see everyone speaking about how much they hate their jobs.  But we never really quit the jobs.  We’re too scared to follow our hearts because it’s too risky.  Money is the heart of the matter.   We’ve got used to the things our hard earned money has brought us that we want the best of both the worlds.  On a positive side that same job is earning you money to invest in what you really love doing.  So it’s feeding your hobby.  I guess at least one reason to love your job : )  But should that really stop you from doing what you love?  You may not be pursuing it full time, you can still devote some time actually doing it.   Just do it.

Keep those comments and feedbacks coming.  I’m continuing to learn a lot from the feedbacks I get for my pictures.  Thank you all who have joined my facebook page and subscribers of this blog. 


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