Run Forrest, Rain!

Another one from the rain.  While writing this I’m a bit nervous as I felt I jinxed the monsoon last time I posted a picture from the rain.  I hope that won’t be the case this time. :)  The rains have been erratic so far.  After a good run this morning the evening has turned humid and hot.

This one above is of a kid in the street from the rains this morning.  The boy was running for shelter from the rain.  I am still to capture the image I have been looking for in the rain.  I have been waiting for this season too long and I have to take that shot before the rains go away.  I’ll let you know when I capture it.  This picture reminded me of my school days when we wouldn’t wait for the rain to stop to go back home.  All I had to make sure was my books didn’t get wet.  It was a different high bicycling our way through the rain back home while everyone else waited for the rain to stop under whatever shelter they got.


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