One for the Wonder Boy



Today I forced my nephew Mukul to pose for a little photoshoot.  You can also call it my first unofficial non-profit portrait assignment.   I lured him into it by saying I’m going to create you a profile pic for your facebook account.  As expected the  Facebook addict agreed :)  Kids…

I took quite a few shots but most of them weren’t up to my expectations.  I have a lot to learn about the light.  The more shot I take the more I’m dissatisfied with the use of light in my pictures.   But after a lot of talks and different angles I did manage to get two such shots that seemed fit to be shared.  One a candid and the other a posed shot. I’m sure he’ll use the second one as his profile picture.  He’s not seen the results yet but I’m waiting to see what his reaction is going to be after reading this post.  Alright alright I’ll get him his favorite ice-cream 🙂

What do you think about the shots?  Comments and feedbacks are always welcome.  See you soon.


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