Framing within a Frame


While searching for a shot for my assignment, framing,  I went back to the same old place I had initially shot a pigeon mimicking Sunil Shetty.  If you have been following my facebook albums you’d remember one shot within this same frame of a pigeon in a pose that seemed to suggest it was mimicking Sunil Shetty.  If you haven’t yet check out my facebook page and click Like!

Anyway, while looking for a ‘frame’ I noticed this ring again  but I can’t copy paste just to get a shot for the sake of it.  It has to be something that satisfies me.   That’s when I noticed these clips.  I took some shots and this pic above was one of the results.   While framing such shots I keep my focus on the center of the subject.   In this case we want just the clips in focus while everything else is blown out. 

That brings me to a point related to shooting habit of a lot of people I know.  It’s a very common mistake that people do.  Engrave this in your head, read my lips…err…listen….err…read carefully… you can buy the most expensive camera in the world but that won’t guarantee you of a great shot.  Whatever camera you have,  mobile camera, film camera, point and shoot, any camera, today’s cameras are smart enough and have been built to make photography easier for you.  A lot of people make the mistake of taking picture like they’re trying to touch a cobra’s head.  Click and boom.   Allow the camera to focus, stay still until the camera has processed your image.  Follow this simple tip while taking pics and you’ll notice your pictures have improved.  Just like that.

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