Fun Times

I don’t know why but the excitement of going to school is inversely proportional to the growing age.  That sounded like the Maths teacher moving his/her mouth trying to teach us something that never made sense.  At least not to a kid like me.  Like any normal kid I enjoyed the part where it was only us in the class room. No teachers.  That was the time we had tons of things to do.  Sadly at some point of time teachers do arrive to the classrooms and spoil it.  I cannot forget how in probably 3rd or 4th grade I used to wonder when’d my thousands year old maths teacher retire so I won’t have to go through this torture everyday.  

Jokes apart, back to the photo here. Again my sweet looking nephew hardly can read anything yet but he wanted to carry this bag and sit with his sisters while they studied.  And finally when it was over he had this smile that seemed to suggest he realised what he was getting into 🙂

I simply asked him to stand against this wall while I fired several shots.  As you know he loves his photos taken.  I thought this one stood out of the few pictures I took of him.

As always I’d love to hear from you.  Any suggestion to make this pic better, if you liked it drop in some words or simply click the Like button or share your thoughts using the Vote button below.  If you really liked it you can share it using any of the links below.  Be back soon.



  1. You know your pictures are amazing but the stories and the captions make it even better.
    Keep at it. This is your true calling.

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