The Bug


A Bug Beetle.  Again on one of those times when I get lucky.  I was standing in my balcony minding my own business thinking about some plans when I noticed this bug on the railing.  I only wished it stayed there until I get my camera and it did.  I quickly fired off some shots and here’s the end result.  After that I got a little greedy and wanted to take a shot of it on one of the plant leaves and tried to move it using a leaf.  But alas, it flew away.  May be next time.  I’m sure the one on the leaf would have made for a much more striking photo than this.  This didn’t turn out too bad did it? :) 

Do share your comments and feedbacks on what you think could have improved this shot or how and what you liked about it OR even if you didn’t think it was good enough for you :).  Or if you’re too shy please press Like at the bottom of this post or feel free to share it with your friends on any of the social network platforms below.  Until next time, Adios!



    1. You’re spot on with the review. It indeed was dusty. For a moment I was thinking of spraying it with some water to wash off the dust and place it on a leaf to get that perfect picture. But I guess I was just dreaming. Thank you for nice comment !

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