Learning begins at Home

I have been noticing this sparrow bringing over her kid to our balcony what seem like little training sessions.  She leaves her kid in the area and feeds here there too.  Once in a while it seems like she’s giving her child a tour of the place and where she’s supposed to wait for her while her mother’s away for food etc.  The second pic is when the kid was waiting for her mother and was feeling sleepy.  Cute and vulnerable.  I didn’t manage great pictures of the birds but something I just wanted to share and here are two of the best I could manage. 

To get these shots I had to really get close to them without letting them get a hint of my presence.  I had to lie down full stretch on the floor and very slowly move toward them to get the shots.  One of the reasons why I wanted to get close was because the angle with which I was shooting them wasn’t perfect for the exposure.  They were backlit by the afternoon sunlight which was creating a dark exposure.  Getting close could have helped the camera settle in with the lighting and focus mainly on the subjects. 

I haven’t shot much this month.  I still have a few spots where I want to shoot and hopefully will be able to include in my April album.  Oh, that just reminds me there’s a strong chance I might add one of the shots I have been waiting for so long. But you’ll just have to wait to see what.  Until then, take care!


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