Chhath Pooja



This weekend we celebrated the Chhath Pooja.  Again lots of color and lots of photo opportunities.  There were several shots that I thought I missed because I had to carry the Pooja from home to the place where we worship.  But in between whenever I got time and a nice frame to shoot at I did.  And I can safely say I did manage some nice shots.  At least one of them is going to feature in my April album on facebook. 

The pictures above give a brief summary of how my day went.  Clockwise from above, first picture is of the water where devotees stand and worship the Sun, second the little ‘river bank’ created for the devotees, the sun-rise on second day of the festival, devotees break their fasts only after the sun rise on the second day, fourth a kid giving a great surprised expression at the festival with his mother. 


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