A Match made in Heaven


This wedding indeed proved to be made in heaven as there were guests from the sky who attended the wedding.  The Rain. 

My family celebrated one of the most auspicious occasions my sister’s wedding.  It had all the twists and turns of a typical Indian wedding.  All seemed on right track until the weather took a U-turn suddenly and a sunny hot day turned into a rainy day with thundering clouds.  I was so furious with the weather.  Arrangements for the guests had to be changed.  All the beautiful decorations that would have been remembered by all guests had to be altered due to weather.  Nevertheless the wedding went on despite this hiccup and completed with all rituals. Rain stopped  finally.  The rain did cause a lot of people cancelling their plans to be part of the wedding but yet many people turned up.  I was disappointed as I thought many of my friends would turn up but unfortunately only one showed up.  But that’s fine, I could understand that due to the  bad weather. 

I wish my sis Dimple and Puneet a happy married life.  God bless them both.


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