Wedding Bells

The buzz is now here. Wedding in India comes with lots of folk songs, colors, chaos and lots of lots of things to do. Ladies gather each night around dinner time to sing wedding songs. This marks the start of the wedding and will continue till the wedding day. The picture on the left is when the ladies were preparing for the dinner and while doing so folk songs was also being sung in chorus. It’s the ladies’ most favorite past times. This is the time when all the songs they learnt while young is going to come handy. These songs go back to many many generations and are a regular affair in an Indian wedding.

But the weather has taken a U-turn since yesterday. The clouds that you see on the right have grown thicker and it’s been drizzling since. That is not a good news when you have a wedding in a few days. It puts every plan on back foot. I hope rain stops soon and preparations can go at full swing. Nervous times!


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