Keeping the Eyes Open


On days when I really have to find something to shoot my eyes keep framing shots at everything I see around me.  Keeping up with the Project 365 is getting tough day by day.  It is not easy to shoot picture everyday and not everyday I get the shots I can be proud of.  And at the same time I can’t shoot anything just for the sake of registering my picture of the day.  I have to spend more time but I know it’s going to be super tough when my sis’s wedding day gets close.  But to think about it from a different point of view, I think the wedding is going to give me photo opportunities more than I can handle.  There will be moments everywhere.  I just have to be carrying my camera and be ready to shoot.  I’m almost prepared.  I got my spare battery in the mail yesterday so I won’t have to worry about battery drowning every session.  So that’d be great. 

I’m just hoping I do get to implement my plans during the wedding.  I’m excited and super nervous at the same time because I know this is going to be my big chance to shoot some great candids.  And candids is what I want to do mainly.  That’s the plan.  Lets see how it actually turns out.

The picture above is again of a pigeon feather.  Taking inspiration from a photo I saw on flickr I tried to create something out of that feather.  The sun flare is intentional. I want to give some dramatic feeling to the shot.  I don’t know how successful I was.   Do you think it’s dramatic enough?  What’s your thought?  Do share, be back soon.


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