Got ‘em!


Finally I managed to get the kind of shots I wanted of these birds.  It came unplanned.  Amazing how I’ve been thinking and planning how I’d specially come to this spot to take their pictures but I never did.   This happened when I happen to carry my camera for an office function and on our usual route to the office we had plenty of time left when I requested the cab driver to stop for a few moments and he was  kind enough to wait and let me shoot some pictures.  There were few more that stood out of the many I shot.  I’ll be posting at least one more including the one above in my Jan album on Facebook. 

This shot was taken when these birds fly back to the safe spot on the road sign hanging in the middle of the road.  This is a cropped shot to accentuate and bring you closer to that fierce look of the bird.  I absolutely love the look in this bird’s eyes.  Generally peaceful looking this look seemed fierce. 

I still have one more spot where I need to go and shoot.  This time it’s Myna bird.  Hopefully that will be coming soon so stay tuned. 

Show me some love rating this picture or leave your comments with your suggestions or thoughts!  See you soon!


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