Beyond the Fear



I have to admit.  I’m not a portrait man.  I’m usually afraid to take portraits as they usually don’t turn out the way I want or even should be.  But somehow some times when I give a little extra effort I do surprise myself.  And honestly speaking make me want to shoot more portraits than I do. 

This one above is my aunt who was all covered up trying to protect herself from the bone chilling winter.  I was on my terrace waiting for the stork flocks to fly past my home and  hopefully get some shots.  Suddenly a thought came to my mind and I asked my aunt to cover up her face half with the shawl.  I must admit I didn’t expect the shot to come out this way.  The eyes say so much.  And now I know why portraits are so popular.  I  hope to come up with more so stay tuned!

Update: Holy Moses!! This picture above became my first picture to be featured on a website! My first ever Featured Picture on the picture social. To view visit


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