The Journey begins

Hello friends!  This is my first of many posts that I will be sharing with you all.  Through this blog I’ll try to share some of my best work from my photography journey and hopefully improve as we move ahead in future.  Here are some of my best from last month.

This picture above is from the local park where I visit quite often to search of new things to shoot.  I got plenty of nice shots there.  This was taken when I was waiting for the squirrels to get comfortable with my presence hoping to capture some nice shot of them.  And I did get one as you’ll see below.


I’m usually not very comfortable with these creatures but when I saw this little kid trying to find its home I knew it was harmless.  So I picked up my camera and shot a few shots.  This one I thought was the  best.

This picture above is a of a feather of a pigeon that I found on the terrace of my home.  Don’t worry 🙂 no one was hurt during the shooting of this image.  I loved the lines on the feather and the output is in front of you.




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